Clover Rua Tea Towel - Georgian Doors Colour

Clover Rua Tea Towel - Georgian Doors Colour

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Beautiful Irish artwork designed by the magnificent Clover Rua. These stunning towels can be used decoratively by being displayed in your home, or used functionally as a tea towel. 

" Georgian architecture flourished from 1714 - 1830 and fine examples can be found throughout Ireland. We particularly love the decorative doors from the period, and have made our hand drawn studies with particular attention to the unique charm of filigree fanlights and carved pillars. This colourful tea towel is one of our, ever popular, Irish Georgian Doors studies." - Clover Rua

They make the ideal gift for any occassion. 

Irish Georgian Doors - Tea Towel - Colour 

Dimensions: 480mm x 760mm